90 Day Tithe Challenge

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OBEDIENT GIVING means to give at least the first 10% of your total gross income to God through the local church in a cheerful manner


We want to challenge you to start tithing, so you can see God begin to bless your life as you commit to healthy, biblical financial stewardship.

How? We are challenging you for the next 90 days to take 10% of your gross income and give it back to God through the local church.

Why? Throughout the entire Bible, God only challenges us to test Him on one thing: tithing. He promises us that He will take care of our needs financially if we believe His promise and give Him back the first 10% of our income. We believe very strongly about this at Twin City.

Who? God desires every one of His children to be a faithful tither. This challenge, however, is for anyone who has not been tithing faithfully for the last six months or more. Remember, tithing is giving God back 10% of all income. It is not special or spontaneous offerings.

When? You may begin the 90 Day Tithing Challenge any time you like. We ask that you pray about a good time to start, pick the date, and then begin!

Then what? We get that giving away 10% of your income can be a big, and very scary, commitment! That’s why we started the 90 Day Tithing Challenge. We want you to be fully educated on what God expects of you so that you understand both what it is He wants you to do, and what He promises in return. When you finish the challenge, let us know what God did! We know that if you truly commit to this challenge that He will keep His promise to bless you. We’d love to hear just how He did it.