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Village Transformation Project for Clean Water

Tablon del Ocotal, Chiquimula

N 14 50’ 20” E -89 31’12”

633 Meters above sea level



Tablon del Ocotal, Chiquimula is a needy village located about 1 hour and 30 minutes from Hope of Life. Currently the village needs an improved water system.  One of Hope of Life’s philosophies is to meet village’s physical needs and share the love of Christ at the same time. This village does not have an established church, so they will be starting with a church planter. Once we get to know the village better, a plan for a sustainable income project will be analyzed. 

  • Population:
    • 325 people
    • 150 children
    • 75 families
  • Occupation types of Villagers:
    • The men work in agriculture.
  • Focus - Water and Land Project - July 2017- $15,000
    • The current water source is over 3 ½ miles away.
    • In the dry season there is not enough water pressure to store water for the community, and in the rainy season the pipes get clogged and break.
    • A new water source needs to be found in the mountains, and piping built from the source to the existing storage tank.
    • What we would provide:  A new water source, and piping to the existing tank.



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