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The Ultimate Artisan Arts and Crafts Festival is like walking through your favorite awe-inspiring Pinterest or Etsy pages with all the energy and excitement of a live arts festival! This year, talented people from near and far have been invited to fill the Larson Family Building Gymnasium with a colorful array of unique and handmade fine art, toys and games, home decorations, jewelry, clothes, literature, music and so much more! It's the kind of event where inventors and concept artists rub shoulders with knitters and whittlers, where foodies share ideas with folk artists, and where people laugh, take lots of Instagram photos and have and all around good time. There are also fun skill games and arts and crafts activities for kids and adults alike, seasonal food and drink and live performances and presentations throughout the day. Come prepared to shop, browse, interact, create and maybe even get a little messy!

Who is the Ultimate Artisan? According to Colossians 1:15-18 and John 1:2-3, Jesus Christ is the one who created everything and the one who keeps everything glued together. In fact, you and I were designed by him with different creative abilities that reflect his creative ability. When we do what Jesus designed us to do, we bring God glory!

Come and be a part of the 2016 Ultimate Artisan Arts and Crafts Festival and celebrate the Ultimate Artisan, Jesus Christ, as well as the creativity, craftsmanship and community that make life awesome.

This event is for both children and adults. Recommended for ages 7 and up because we do not necessarily have events and games for children under 7. 


Registration Information for Exhibitors:

Exhibitor Fee: $25.00 per unique exhibitor booth space. Each booth space is 12ft square.
Need a Table? Tables Available To Rent For $5.00
Need Electricity? Electricity Hookup: $10.00 per booth space
Vendor Parking adjacent to Gymnasium is limited to one vehicle per Exhibitor and available on a first come first serve basis. Additional parking is available in the main parking lot. A loading and unloading lane will be available for exhibitors to park temporarily as they bring their display into the gymnasium.

Want to exhibit your craft at Ultimate Artisan?

Registration for exhibitors is now closed. Please feel free to come and enjoy the festivities!