THE BIG Q’s: Questions of Transformation For The New Year

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THE BIG Q’s: Questions of Transformation For The New Year

The key to surviving and thriving in a New Year atmosphere of change is perspective. Your Perspective changes your outcome and your outcome is what you become. We can view change in one of several ways, and the view we choose will determine whether change will be an obstacle or an opportunity for us.

One response to change is to fight it. And many do!! When I was a kid, Sears had the best catalog I knew. I could find all my toys in there. At the time, Sears, one of the leading retailers in America, resisted marketing pressure to change their way of doing business for many years. In 1970, Sears stock was $62 a share, but at one point in the 1980’s, it traded for as low as $14. As retail sales dropped, Sears executives began examining possible causes for the decline. This operational “gut check” revealed layer upon layer of unnecessary bureaucracy and a growing insensitivity to the marketplace.

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They stopped asking questions and they stopped looking for solutions. Today, they are no longer the leading company because they refused to grow.

You see, we can resist change around us, but that resistance often draws a costly penalty. We fall behind those who are more willing to be flexible, and instead of leading, we find ourselves in the position of playing catch up. As you approach the New Year, here are some questions you can ask yourself to stay on the side of change with a right perspective. They are called the Big Q’s!

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  1. How much do I weigh? How’s my health? Is that OK?
  2. Do I have a physical appointment scheduled between now and March 31?
  3. What’s my major physical focus area for 2016?
  4. What foods do I need to stop eating or start eating? Do I drink enough water?


  1. Are my finances in order?
  2. Do I have debt beyond my mortgage?
  3. Should I make a sacrificial offering to my church?
  4. Should I take a financial class like Financial Peace University?


  1. How am I growing as a Christian leader?
  2. What are my reading goals for 2017? Subscriptions to buy?
  3. What conferences and seminars will I attend in 2017?
  4. What leaders am I listening to and why?


  1. What caused me the most stress in 2016? How am I going to fix that in 2017?
  2. What am I pretending NOT to know?
  3. What is my calling and what is my next step?
  4. Am I an expert in learning in my field? How do I know?


  1. Ask Yourself, what am I supposed to be doing, not what do I do?
  2. Which tasks make you Glad?
  3. Which tasks make you Sad?
  4. Which tasks make you Mad?
  5. Is there anyone whose forgiveness I need to seek or anyone that I need to forgive?
  6. Where is the clutter in my life?


  1. Am I closer to God today than I was on Jan 1, 2016?
  2. What is my spiritual growth plan for 2017?
  3. Have I scheduled my Sabbaths for January? All of 2017?
  4. Am I taking my Sabbaths seriously?


  1. Would I rate my marriage a 10? Would my spouse? (You might want to ask over a nice dinner.) If it’s not a 10, ask this question, “What would it take in 2017 to make it a 10?”
  2. Same question for each of my kids.
  3. Have I scheduled my date nights for 2017 and protected them?


Here is the truth — evaluated experience is always the greatest teacher. If you are going to be a great leader, then you must do great evaluation. When you change yourself, you change your perspective.

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