Are you Intentional in your Growth?

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Are you Intentional in your Growth?

 Growing by Accident vs. Growing by Intention

Are you getting better as a leader? How do you know? Is it intentional or is it by accident? How do you know that you are getting better at what you do?

Around this time of the year, I do a lot of reflecting and detecting on who I am as a Christ follower and leader. Was I really intentional about my growth, or did I grow (or, more likely, shrink) by accident?

If you are going to grow intentionally then you and I need three circles (C) to converge in our lives.


C1 – Knowledge: What you picked up along the way

C2 – Education: What you have studied along the way

C3 – Coaching: What others do to instruct you along the way


Each of these three circles cannot live without the others. Unless you intentionally live in their intersection, any growth you experience will be purely incidental.


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So, how do you grow intentionally? Here are a few ways:


Scriptures: Search who Jesus is in every book


Books, blogs, and business: Be close to culture and be in the know with trends.


YouTube: Choose your topic, pick channels to subscribe to, and learn all you can.


Interviews (20 Q’s): Book a lunch with someone, ask 20 solid questions, listen, and take notes.


Feedback: Understand that you won’t always hit a home run, and then learn from it because very soon you’re up to bat again.

Failure is not final. It is the feedback for champions. I’ve heard a few leaders say “Fail forward.” Think of Thomas Edison, Abraham Lincoln, and many other great leaders: they all failed, but that one time that they tried one more time, they succeeded. Never give up.


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If you don’t invest in yourself then you can’t invest in others. Remember, You can’t lead others where you aren’t going yourself. You can’t lead others to where you have not already been. There is no question that change, discomfort, and pain are all involved in growth. The real question is whether that growth will be by accident or by intention.

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