Organization Excavation: Digging for Shirkers

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Organization Excavation: Digging for Shirkers

On Long Island, my brother in law has a small, in-demand business of installing custom pools. In the installation process, he brings his large machines to excavate the ground in order to have work space and then eventually to place the pool in the ground. He works very hard, rises early, and is out of the house way before 6 am. I have seen him at work on the machines and recognized that he knows what he is doing, and that he knows what he is looking for in the process of construction for the finished product of the pool.

I then had the thought that working in the church or another large organization is no different.  We are excavating the organization to build better people who love God and can aid in realizing the final product-a loving, functioning church. But, just like digging in the ground, problems arise when you look closely. What do you do when you find negative people as you dig? I call them the Shirkers! Watch out because they lurk among us and are buried in organizations everywhere.

You see, there are two types of people in your organization – the Shirkers and the Workers. The Shirkers are the people who look busy, but do not produce any results. They really don’t work at all, but just drain the organization by walking around, talking, and making many excuses. If you are the CEO, you can miss these people because they look productive; but the people who work around them know the truth about them. This is why you need to keep your ear to the ground to hear what others are saying about your people. The Shirkers can basically be summed up as  follows: No Work = No Completion of Tasks.

The second group of people are the Workers. You know who they are! They have the “Put me in coach!” way of thinking and want to be a part of everything,  serving their heart out. Sometimes they do not look busy, but you can bet that they are working diligently on the small, menial task that no one else wants to do. This may be cleaning the kitchen refrigerator at work (gross), or sweeping out a forgotten stairwell. Your Workers have your back, and the success of the organization is their motivation. They are your MVP’s. You can basically sum up the workers as follows: they work hard and long because they know that the completion of the task is what’s best for the organization they love.

1. The Shirkers: Don’t work, No to Low completion rate

2. The Workers: Work Hard, Much to High completion rate

So what does this have to do with the big dig? As a leader, if you dig with your eyes, you are going to find these two types in your organization: the Shirkers and the Workers. Hire people who work and de-hire those who shirk. Your organization depends on great people (Workers) who want to see others enjoying the swim together.

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