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Generating a Culture of Gener-o-city

I have three basic rules I try to always keep in mind. 1. God owns everything. 2. God gives us all that we have, and 3. all my stuff and resources should be invested in advancing His kingdom. Basically, for me, Generosity is a lifestyle. But I realize it is not for everyone. Most people are on the take and not on the give.

Give and Take:
We must be international about creating a culture of generosity. Your life speaks! The culture of the church is a reflection of the leader. Who we are privately affects who are corporately. If the church is always on the take, it will never work out for the give. I desire for the church to be on the continual give. As the church is on the give, the people will be on the give. Giving people change lives.

Our Generosity can be very contagious. When the giver and recipient meet each other, the exchange that takes place reflects the heart of God. This will inspire and change the life of the one who receives the gift. When any church operates out of a limited-giving mindset, it actually dwarfs the growth of the church and the hearts of the people. Churches that give are crazy contagious and realize there are no limits to what God can do.

Guilt and Shame: I have been in churches where guilt and shame are thrown out. I want to be honest with you – this does not work! It never worked when it was spoken to me, and I know it does not work when it is spoken to you. We should never burden people with a sense of obligation, but rather obedience. This is a heart issue, not a hand issue. We need to learn to speak of generosity as a response to the grace of God. If people go through life with a closed hand, they are missing out on the blessings of God and the opportunity to change a life with an open hand.

The Big 3: When I ask people to give to the kingdom of God. For me, it comes down to three things that I feel are from the heart. Information: What am I giving to? Inspiration: Why am I giving it? Invitation: How can I give it? People give to a vision and to the vision compelled by God. Here is the truth: blessed people are difference makers! Wherever they go and whatever they do, they make a difference to bless others. Now is your chance to cultivate a culture of Generosity, so be a blessing and change lives!

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