7th-grade dance and Aqua Velva

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7th-grade dance and Aqua Velva

“When you live a life of integrity in your House, you don’t mind people gazing into the windows!” Gary Moritz

The truth of the matter is when you and I are hiding something, we love to cover it up. We make excuses and cancel meetings and escape conversations. I love what my Pastor taught me a long time ago. When you tell the truth, you never have to remember what you said! That one comment has helped me in my leadership.

“It’s just a lie! No big deal.” Have you ever seen someone who lies all the time? You will discover that there is no peace in his life, and he is always paranoid.

Here are some tips on Conversational Integrity:

1. If you do not know, you do not know-tell people to use Google! You do not have to be a scholar on everything.

2. If you can’t do something, you can’t do something. Find out who can and help the other person out.

3. Don’t name-drop. I have no one to impress but God. He knows my name and He knows yours! People will like you for you, not who you know.

Impressing people for me all ended at the 7th-grade dance. I can remember that I spent so much money to dress up like a rock star with no band and smell like Aqua Velva after-shave, thinking I was going to walk down the red carpet with a babe on my arm and a photo-shoot blinding us. Instead, I tripped on the school carpet and just had my best friend Paul with me, and we both stunk like car air-fresheners while we sat on the gym bleachers watching people.

This type of cover-up, dishonest thinking will ruin your ability to lead people, even if all you tell are “little white lies.” When there is even a pin hole in a boat, eventually it will sink. Remember to be you, tell the truth, and you will flourish big!

Oh, yeah! And thank God that there are no more 7th-grade dances or Aqua Velva in my life!

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