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As a leader, there are things that you love to do, things you want others to do, and things you just will not do. Every person in a leadership position will struggle with these three categories. For starters, you were made by God to do a few things well, not everything; also, people hire you to do what you are good at and not what you are going to be good at.


Here are the three “D’s” that I use as I lead all organizations:


1. Do: These are things you were made to do, hired to do, or love doing. You wake up and smile when you “get” to do these tasks.

2. Delegate: “It is better to get ten men than to do the work of ten men” ~ Dwight Lyman Moody. This means you decide to send out the task to another person. I have read in many books about delegation and its different levels. There are five levels that help a leader with delegation. All delegation is ultimately decisions made.

Level 1 The decision rests on me alone as the leader.
Level 2 The decision is made with another input (think brainstorming meeting).
Level 3 The decision is made together (we are both heroes or zeros).
Level 4 The decision is made with my input (must come back to final approval).
Level 5 The decision is all made by the other person (They are paid to do this, there is no one to blame but themselves, and they are alone in the delegated task).

3. Dump: This means you personally will not touch it because it is draining to you. You say I “Got” to do this, and I am “not good” at this. You get sick inside just thinking about doing it. I think you know where I am going with this…This is a stresser, not a blesser!

Apply these today, keep your filters on, and keep leading strong!

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