Intimacy with God Equals Consistency with God

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Intimacy with God Equals Consistency with God

In my studies on Leadership, I have heard it said that modeling provides the basis of all true leadership. Leaders must not only talk about the way, but also show the way. Leaders set the example for the ones that are following them. The number one management principle that I live by is that people will do what they see and that’s what they’ll be. As the leader of your organization, you are the barrier to growth. Your people will only rise to where you are with God as the leader.

In the Bible, Moses demonstrated great leadership truth. People watched him. Why? He spent time with God, he was their intercessor, and he communicated regularly with his people. This is crucial for our lives. We must spend time with God daily. We know this concept as prayer. So talk with him as you do in everyday life, inside your heads privately, and out loud with your mouths publicly. We need to plead for the people around us. Do you cry out for hurting people and those around you who are far from God? Do you tell people what God is doing in your life and in their lives? Do your words bless or stress people?

Second, Moses not only demonstrated leadership truth, but also delivered leadership truth. He practiced what he preached, and He provided through the power of God what he preached. All throughout Exodus 33:7-11, we see the example that Intimacy with God means consistency with God. Make sure that you demonstrate and deliver.

So how do we do this?

1. Separate yourself regularly with God (v7). You must come apart from the crowd, or you will fall apart in the crowd. You need to get outside the camp. Here in New England, there are great places to go to get away for free and be near a lake, a color-changing tree in the fall, or your nearest snow bank in the winter. Either way, you and I must get away from the normal mundane things.
2. Seek God with all your heart (v7). Always pursue truth over popularity. Moses sought the Lord. This happened when others did not, but he made sure he was doing what he needed to do with the Lord first..
3. Stalked by the public (v8). As leaders, we must take the risk. Even though the risk is intimidating and we are unsure, we must be sure of God. We will be watched, stalked, and scrutinized for serving and taking risks for Jesus. The people watched Moses, and they are watching you.
4. Scope in on God’s voice (v9). Learn to listen and obey the voice of God no matter what. This takes practice and submission over your own intellect and thoughts. Moses talked with God all the time. He had such a close walk with the Lord, and people knew it.
5. Stay in a covenant partnership with God. (v 10-11). You must be faithful, not successful. God brings the fruit, not you. The only thing we can bring is faithfulness to God. God will choose the fruit in His time. Next, be trustworthy, not just worthy before God. The Lord spoke to Moses face to face, as a man speaks to a friend. What a great relationship!

We must practice these things in order to have intimacy with our Living God. Why? Because Intimacy means consistency with God.

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