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Push others down…Pull self up.

This is the American way, but is it Biblical? In Acts chapter 12, is a story in what is common today with all our media. There was a king named Herod. The story goes like this, Herod caught James, one of the apostles. Like today, we have crowd-hungry freaks that listen to the crowds and their pathetic chants. The story goes on to say, “When he saw that it pleased the Jews, he proceeded to arrest Peter also.”

He had James beheaded. Herod was a nut job. He was murderous in his actions, and it basically revealed his true colors (Cindy Lauper has nothing to do with this). Herod, like us,​ had a hunger for the praises of men that fueled his ego and also fuel everything he did (Hence, twitter followers/likes on your social media posts).

Be careful!

This is how Herod lived. Pushing down, while pulling up. This is my favorite part of the story. Herod is at the pinnacle of his pride, and it really came when he gave a polished speech to the people who had come to beg for help, and they cried out, “The voice of a god, and not of a man!”  Yikes!!

WARNING: Do not believe what people say about you, good or bad. Herod never told the people to stop calling him god. Instead, like us, he loved it! As in all humans, when pride gives its full birth, the fall will follow. Herod wanted to be God and if we are not careful, we will do the same.

AND THEN…: God demonstrates with a “smack-down.” Herod loses that day and, although God was opposed, in the end He won. Herod goes down on the spot, and I am probably exaggerating a tad, but his stomach is filled with worms–sadly, not gummy sour ones. God shows Herod that he is just a worm–and He is God.

TAKE HOME: This is warning for us: when the smallest hint of pride starts to show in us, deal with it and cast it from us. Repent, or you might just turn into a gummy worm. Sorry if I wounded your pride, but, frankly, I am trying to kill it for good.


Push God up and push self down and not the other way around.

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