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Wobbly Knees

Billy Graham is a famous speaker and leader within our country. God used him to hold world-renown crusades where millions of people would flock to hear him. He is quoted many times by saying that, when he stands before crowds to speak on behalf of the Lord, He trembles inside to the point of his knees wobbling (paraphrase).

How could such a great speaker have wobbly knees? For Billy, it was not about fear or stage fright, but rather whom he was speaking for. He relied fully on God and, in the exchange, came an intense, humble, and meek speaker that communicated truth to a listening crowd.

Moses felt the same way. As a matter of fact, he felt inadequate when God sent him to deliver the people with a strong message. These people were enslaved in a 400 year captivity in Egypt. Moses pleaded with the Lord to use somebody else because he thought he was NOT the guy.

I too had similar fear when God called me to Twin City Baptist. I said, “God, find someone else-not me-I am the wrong guy.” But the Lord encouraged me like He did with Moses. “Now GO! and I will help you speak and with what you will say and do (Exodus 4:1-12 paraphrase).

As God used Moses and Billy Graham, He is also using you and I. So take your wobbly knees, stand strong, and know that God is always with you!

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