Many churches have missionaries, but are they missional? The average traditional church tends to place missionaries around the world resulting in scattering, but are they being strategic. Here’s some food for thought.

Strategic Placement: A famous preacher once said, “We are either a missionary or an impostor.” With that said, church planting must be strategic and carefully planned. Every street corner does not need a church, but every street corner needs a missionary who thinks missionally.

Not Just Another Church: We do need a church planting movement around the world. Here is the truth: humanitarian work or even evangelism that does not result in church planting is ineffective for the kingdom. For lasting, eternal results, we must plant churches and support church plants. Dave Early, church planter and friend, taught me long ago at Liberty University: “You can’t have babies unless you get pregnant.” As odd as this may sound, your local church must “get pregnant” and have baby churches. This task is strategic, and, like a good parent, we must raise that church to greatness as our own nurturing child by feeding it and clothing it.

Three Big Models of How:

We need Pioneer churches that plant like the apostle Paul who will parachute into unknown places and launch big.

We need Infant church trainers, like Timothy and Titus, who learn under great leaders that will eventually go out and plant within their culture of the unreached and de-churched people.

And we need supported missionary church planters, like Luke, who used his secular vocation to make an eternal impact and support church plants for greater impact.

In each case, we must reach people far from God and tell them about the only way to heaven that makes Jesus’ name great among the nations. Church planters begat church planters, and, with that said, strategic planting will result in a greater church-planting movement.

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